billy ruthBilly Ruth is a rare kind of singer. Known primarily for his work as a live performer, he has interpreted many of the classics of the great American Songbook in large public venues with big band orchestral accompaniment for many thousands of appreciative fans. This studio recording captures Billy’s consummate vocal style in a new mix of solid standards.

As a live performer, Billy possesses that intangible, fully human quality that audiences immediately recognize as genuine and honest. To see and hear him in concert, one feels that this is a man who has lived through all the vicissitudes of life and, despite all of the ups and downs, he still loves life for what it is. In the world of popular musical entertainment, relatively few performers have completely demonstrated this gift.

So it’s not surprising that, throughout his live performance career, Billy has drawn the inevitable comparisons to such exemplary musical stylists as Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett, Nat King Cole and several others. Like these performers, Billy possesses his own unique singing style that is best appreciated with each successive listening.

After witnessing a compelling live performance, we can only possess that experience in memory. And memory, as we all know, is diminished or distorted by time. We made this album to present, promote and preserve Billy’s distinctive musical stylizations for all to enjoy. We sought to capture the ephemeral qualities of his public performances on record so that we can refer to, reflect on, and revisit these popular songs at our pleasure. So here’s to life – here’s Billy Ruth.